Inclement Weather Alert !!!!!

WINTER STORM "?" - We are watching and tracking the storm and wondering what impact it will have on our operations as most people are. Currently the CHARLOTTESVILLE, CULPEPER, and FREDERICKSBURG locations are closed and will reopen on TUESDAY 03-18-14 at their normal schedule time, the RICHMOND and WEST POINT locations are on a normal schedule. All collection routes in the closed locations are running on a "ONE DAY BEHIND SCHEDULE" for this week of 03-17-14 till 03-22-14.

The safety of County Waste's workers and equipment comes first when making these scheduling delays. The company as well as the public are asked by the localities to stay off the roads so VDOT can get them cleared and passable. We will make every attempt to service our customers, but in conditions of ice and severe weather the drivers make judgement calls as they are doing their routes.

Tips for helping County Waste help you the customer in getting serviced as quickly and safely as possible.

1. Make sure carts and containers are in an accessible area for service.

2. Make sure all areas are shoveled and salted for safety.

3. Make sure all waste and recycling products are inside the carts and containers with the lids closed.

4. Place carts out on your scheduled day..Please leave out until they have been serviced!


Servicing Our Customers During Severe Weather!

County Waste will service all customers as conditions permit. But in times of EMERGENCY DECLARATIONS and times of VERY SEVERE WEATHER we will suspend service till such time the local emergency personnel deem the roads safe. We will follow all Federal and State mandates when it comes to the safety of our personnel and the safety of the environment around us

During times of certain inclement weather large amounts of storm debris is generated, County Waste will attempt to take what would be deemed safe to put in the equipment without creating an unsafe environment for our employees. If you should have large branches or big pieces of C & D material, we ask that it be bundled and not more than 3 ft. in length. It also cannot weigh more than 40 lbs. and be able to be pickup by one person. Also in times of emergency the amount of trash will increase so you may notice service disruptions from you regular service.

If your power or phone doesn’t work most likely the company phones are down. You can still email problems or emergency to customerservice@countyrecycling.net please rest assured the company is diligently working to get all lines of communication up and running.

Please refer to the News page for service information for your area.

Thank you and be safe!



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